Giovanni Sollima, Pier Francesco Maestrini, Joshua Held

The Jungle Book

Predstave trenutno ni na sporedu

The Jungle Book

The popular fantasy story, inspired by Kipling’s eponymous literary masterpiece and created by composer Giovanni Sollima and librettist Pier Francesco Maestrini, takes us on an exciting adventure with captivating stage images and a new Slovenian vocal translation. As he was adopted by a pack of wolves as a baby, the malicious tiger Shere Khan cannot accept the presence of a human. To escape the vengeful clutches of the tiger, Mowgli must leave his home, accompanied on this unforgettable journey by his loyal friends, the panther Bagheera, and the always kind-hearted bear Baloo. However, the jungle hides many traps and dangers that must be overcome. The monkey guru Gurila poses a particularly great threat, as he is determined to discover the secret of fire-making. Will Mowgli succeed in escaping from the lost city ruled by Gurila and live in peace with his friends?


25. 10. 2023,
Ondina Otta Klasinc Hall

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