Mirjana Šrot

Mirjana Šrot started performing in productions of the Ballet of the Slovenian National Theatre Maribor (Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake) while still a student at the Conservatory of Music and Ballet in Maribor. As a young ballet dancer, she won a silver medal at the 9th competition for young Slovenian ballet dancers and a bronze medal at the Dance Brazil competition in Brazil. During her education, she attended several seminars in Wolfsegg, Miami, Brazil, and Vienna. After completing her classical ballet studies in Vienna, she joined the ensemble of the Ballet of the Slovenian National Theatre Maribor in 2010, performing in major theatres and important cultural festivals across Europe and the world. She has performed in both classical ballet repertoire productions and contemporary ballets, where she was particularly noticed in choreographic creations such as Edward Clug’s Le Sacre du Printemps, Stabat Mater, Peer Gynt, Hora, Carmina Burana, Povodni mož, Les noces, Tango and Kekec. Her solo roles include Johan Inger’s Walking Mad (Brown), Peer Gynt (Štirje norci), Kekec (Mojca), Hora, Mauro Bigonzetti’s Cantata, Le Corsaire (Tambourine dance).

Apart from her dance career, Mirjana Šrot is also a certified ballet teacher and an expert in certifying national professional qualifications for ballet dancers, dancers, and choreographers. In 2022, she received the Best Teacher Award at the Tutu International Ballet Competition. Mirjana Šrot shares her knowledge and experience with others, teaching ballet at the Slavko Osterc Music School in Ljutomer and then at the private dance school Zapleši.si, where she raised the level of the ballet department to meet the standards required by the Conservatory of Music and Ballet in Slovenia. Her students regularly win first place at ballet competitions. In addition to teaching, Mirjana Šrot also actively participates in educational courses and conferences for ballet teachers. In 2020, she became a certified teacher of advanced ballet technique. Mirjana Šrot is a member of the Executive Board of the Association of Ballet Artists of Slovenia (DBUS) and a member of the organizing committee for the Tutu Ballet Competitions.


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