Ira Ratej

Theatre from Z to A

Predstave trenutno ni na sporedu

Theatre from Z to A

When the lights in the theatre hall turn off, and when the audiences find themselves in darkness and silence, the stage brightens in all its magic. However, before a dream-factory presents its newest stage creation to the spectators, a neurotic and chaotic drama about “to be or not to be” goes on in the theatre backstage which is one of the latest mysteries of the modern world, and therefore peeping through the theatre rifts is as exciting as unraveling of the magician’s tricks. Who are all those masters hiding themselves in the theatre holes? The Agent A and the Agent Z are trying to find answers to this question in this educational theatre performance. They want to uncover all theatre’s secrets and mysteries, however, they encounter many obstacles, challenges and tasks.
The newspaper review titled “The Battle of Egos, This Time from the Background” states that “the director divides the theatre premises from the top to the floor, from the bottom of the stage to the (spotlights’) heaven … like a magic box. She perfectly interweaves the’divine power’ of sound and light … Also a didactic aspect that unobtrusively trickles out from the performance is not negligible. /…/ The famous chameleon-like moods and the brilliance of imitation of the actor Vladimir Vlaškalić are absolutely triumphant”.

26. 9. 2015,
Mali oder
55 minut

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